Hot Coffee, Mississippi April 28th. 1999 The Bizargrass News Network in conjunction with Bob's Pet Supplies, Inc. has announced the first all dog bluegrass festival to be held in Hot Coffee, Mississippi July 4th, 1999 The Bizargrass Festival Development Group came up with the idea because of complaints of bluegrass festival goers bringing their dogs to bluegrass festivals. Folks are getting tired of stepping in poop! Spured on by a recent article on the ibluegrass website by editor Skip Ogden, the Bizargrass News saw a need and filled it. This Festival is for Dogs Only! There will be Fire Hydrants located throughout the festival area, along with refreshments (TOILETS) Among the acts slated for the event , "Bob Barker and The Foggy Mountain Dogs" playing their latest cover of "Fox on the Run" Also to appear are "The Junkyard Dogs" with their number 1 hit single "If She was a Dog, she would have Bit me!" No dogs will be admitted without a bandana around their necks!


WORST CAPO DESIGN OF 1998 The Bizargrass News announced today the winner of "Worst Capo Design of 1998" The honor goes to Carl's Capos located in Slapout, Alabama. Says Bizargrass Editor Bubba Jones, "This thing weighs more than the front bumper off of a 1958 Buick." Craftsman socket set to take the capo on and off, not included.




NASA deploys First Banjo into Earth Orbit 

Dateline: November 2nd. 1998, Kennedy Space Center

Sources at NASA revealed to The Bizargrass News that the deployment of a Gibson "Earl Scruggs Series" Banjo went off without a hitch over the Red Sea today. NASA says the Banjo will emit an electronic signal back to earth . The signal can be picked up by all persons with an FM radio reciever on 96.8 frequency. If tuned properly you will be able to hear the "Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits Lick"every 5 minutes. Introduced in 1992, the Earl Scruggs Golden Deluxe adds an elegant touch of satin gold to the classic look of the Earl Scruggs model. Earl's signature is inlaid in abalone on the resonator. John Glenn was asked by The Bizargrass News if he played the banjo? Glenn replied "No but I play the Accordion." To View a Live Video Feed from Earth Orbit Click Here

Leonardo DeCaprio to star in film about Lester Flatt

It was announced today by Bizargrass Filmworks that actor Leonardo DeCaprio, star of the blockbuster "Titanic" will star in the upcoming film by director Spike Lee, "The Life and Times of Lester Flatt" DeCaprio will portray Lester Flatt as a young man growing up in Tennessee. Tommy Lee Jones will play the part of Earl Scruggs. When asked by "The Bizargrass News" what was the hardest part of this roll Mr. DeCaprio said, "I think the toughest part was wearing my pants up around my armpits." "It was very uncomfortable" The film is due for release nationwide , March 1999. Click here to see Leonardo on the set of "The Life and Times of Lester Flatt"


Billy Tobak Named Swinette Player of the Year!

Billy Tobak was named Swinette Player of the Year recently by The Bizargrass News. Billy is shown here accepting the award via telephone from "The Bizargrass News" editor Bubba Jones. "I have worked for this moment all of my life and I would like to thank my family and friends for standing by me", said Tobak. "My family has had to sacrifice a lot in order for me to keep up a very demanding tour schedule". Billy is about to embark on the european leg of his world tour with his band "Hog Ass & Collards" Band members include, Thomas Weegal, Kazoo. Boris Scanlon, tamborine , Walter Franks, wash tub bass and Charlie Lumpkin, Hair comb and wax paper. Their New Album on Livestock Records which is slated for release in December, is entitled "I Think I'll Go Brush My Teeth" for more information on the Swinette and it's origins click here
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