August. 2006


Bumper Crop of Banjos this Year!

Yazoo, Mississippi banjo farmer Earl Stelling claims to have had a bumper crop of banjos

despite the drought that has plagued most of the Southeast this summer.

Earl says he is going to buy his 12 kids new shoes

10 pounds of flour and some salt pork. Earl says, "Life is Good!"


Jimi Hendrix, The Bluegrass Years

Dateline, January 6th. 2003 Hot Coffee, Mississippi

The Bizargrass News announced today the release of the lost 8 track tapes of "Jimi Hendrix, The Bluegrass Years"

Not many folks know that Jimi started his early musical career as banjo player for Bill Monroe,

Mr. Monroe fired him after two weeks, because he would not cut his hair and wear a black suit with a skinny necktie!

The fuzz-wah pedal was also a factor in his termination.

while you are here, test your banjo for Y2K here

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